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Alright, this here is one of the finest audio and visual productions I have seen recently. Jay-Z has been catching a little bit of hell for supposedly promoting a little actual Hell… (*haha*)

Personally I don’t buy into it. I just think the track and the video are TIGHT. I’m not usually very partial to rappers throwing around the dreaded “N” word or excessive cursing, but if you listen to what’s being said – know where it’s coming from – Well, I think it’ s very telling and talented. Just my opinion. Enjoy!

Alright, this audio clip below (the little text link down there that says “z-trip-and-….”) is the last 7.5 minutes of a sensational mix on Ninja Tunes Solid Steel podcast from Jan. 5, 2009 and it is S I C K!

z-trip-and-DJ-cheeba-cutmix <——Just click on that link immediately left of this.

Below is a video clip featuring Walter Becker and Donald Fagen (Steely Dan) talking about writing music.

A distinct evolution (in my humble opinion) of the Steely Dan legacy would be the emergence of bands like Jamiroquai. Below I have posted a clip from (vocalist and artistic core) Jay Kay & his ever changing group of musicians Jamiroquai, performing live at Abbey Road Studio in 2007.

With the exception of Jason “Jay” Kay and his drummer Derrick McKenzie featured in this clip; Jamiroquai have regularly rotated musicians in and out of the line up… With each talented artist bringing his or her own amazing skill to all songs new and old, live or in the studio.

One of the most amazing things about Jamiroquai is their ability to perform their often elaborate funk / soul / electronic / disco & dance music just as proficiently live as they can in their multi-track recorded studio LP’s!!! Please Enjoy:

This video below I found on Youtube features a wonderful song by Elvis Costello (a genius in my eyes) called “Gods Comic” from the LP Spike (his best IMO). The images were put together by a Youtube user and I felt they were quite fitting. The song is the really important thing here but the images suit it well. Enjoy:

Let’s go back a little for this one. A true innovative force in Hip-Hop years ahead of their time;

P u b l i c    E n e m y

The video is not made available to embed but in my opinion this longer original LP version is the best. After all it really is all about the audio creativity and commentary of Chuck D’s lyrics.

You can always find your way over to Youtube to get a look at the MTv video

This video below is what I would consider to be a fine example of scoring to picture. The music is synced perfectly and the slow motion and sound effects are just great. Unfortunately this is a compressed MPEG4 so the quality is not what it should be, but I think it is still enjoyable.

This is an intro to a video by the Girl Skateboard Company. I do not know who the music is by but it is surely listed on their website which I will eventually post here.

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