The Music

92009Have decided to add two more tracks to the “MUSIC” page. These two are not available for download, only playback. Sorry. Some of my work is on lock-down because of copyright / publishing / etc.


This is the page where you will find assorted links, embed players and such of original music I have written. As I find out more about the functions and abilities of this blog, I will strive to make this page as user friendly and efficient as possible. I hope you hear something you enjoy!

This is a SoundCloud Player hosting a series of ultrameek tracks

(Yes, you can download any of the songs below for Free.)


Below you will find links to audio. You may click on the links to open a new page with the audio file. You may also hover over the link to bring up a pop-out menu with a player in it


A very long piece of  background music for a DVD. Traditional African instruments with a touch of Trip Hop Ambient flavor (?)


A short underscore piece done sometime around 2006 or 2007. Cinematic sound maybe?


Another short underscore piece for use as background music in a lounge setting.


OK, this one is just a strange experiment in sounds. Use your own judgment.


Another underscore piece but somewhat minimal and never really found a home.


This is your classic spy motif with a slightly tripped out vibe.

  • Most of the work featured above was composed for underscore / soundtrack use. More tunes will be uploaded here soon – there is a vast catalog to go through. Much of my other works are longer and more drawn out but working in the scoring to picture business has me composing shorter and shorter pieces!
    1. November 19th, 2009

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