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Webless Life Was Bliss

So here I am re-connected to the Internet… Not sure I like it much yet but maybe it will grow on me (like a malevolent virus)?

Seriously though, my daughters and I have been back out in the world living on our own for some six plus months now… & I finally bit the bullet and had our Internet set up. I was amazed that we made it for so long without it – I expected the girls to complain and whine regularly about not having it… To my pleasant surprise they did not complain once that I can remember.

In fact; we really became closer as our little 3 person single parent family… & I feel the distance between us growing just a wee bit now that we can each get on a computer, XBOX, Blu-ray (Netflix), etc etc and entertain ourselves.

Before the web came back into our lives we would sit together and watch a movie or show on DVD… Or we would play a board game or cards… Jeez, the more I write here the more I regret getting our Internet hooked up!

I guess what this means is that I will need to make sure that we continue to do things together as a family and don’t let ourselves get completely distracted by multi-media overload!


Skateboards Give Unconditional Love Freely

NOTE: WordPress has disabled my video and quite possibly my audio due to some change in the last year that I have failed to investigate. Please forgive the author and if you are truly interested in the video or audio; go Google it.

(What the hell does skateboarding have to do with independent music / musicians? Well, it has to do with me and this is my blog after all… And it will all tie in together at some point… All passions combined to make a regular media-“Voltron”!)

Yeah, I have been thinking a whole damn lot about skateboarding. It was a daily active skateboarder from 1983 up until 2002 (when I had a slightly harder fall than I was used to! Almost broke my first bone that day!). After that bit of a scare – I took it much easier for the next few years. Rarely if ever really doing much more than just rolling about the pavement.

Something has changed…. Something wonderful….

ABOVE: Almost Skateboard Company – Pro Riders; Daewon Song & Chris Haslam in the skate short-film; “Cheese & Crackers”

I have found myself watching a lot of amazing skating the last two years. It has inspired me… Not to say I think I am anywhere capable of throwing down the kind of high-end “techy” tricks the cat’s in that video above were pulling! BUT – I do believe I can do a bit more than just roll and manage to not break a bone.

So as of the month of May 2009 I am officially interested in making skating a daily (or at least weekly) routine! Call it exercise! A doctor would! I am currently obsessed with Almost Skateboard Company run by Rodney Mullen, Daewon Song, and a few other amazing veteran skaters. Great boards and great attitudes. Check them out!

L8r (sk8r) – yeah, I did it.