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New Mazzy Star = Brilliant & Beautiful

Just got around to listening to some of the new Mazzy Star tunes from October 2011’s release. Very pleased and thought I would share here. Hope you enjoy it.


Webless Life Was Bliss

So here I am re-connected to the Internet… Not sure I like it much yet but maybe it will grow on me (like a malevolent virus)?

Seriously though, my daughters and I have been back out in the world living on our own for some six plus months now… & I finally bit the bullet and had our Internet set up. I was amazed that we made it for so long without it – I expected the girls to complain and whine regularly about not having it… To my pleasant surprise they did not complain once that I can remember.

In fact; we really became closer as our little 3 person single parent family… & I feel the distance between us growing just a wee bit now that we can each get on a computer, XBOX, Blu-ray (Netflix), etc etc and entertain ourselves.

Before the web came back into our lives we would sit together and watch a movie or show on DVD… Or we would play a board game or cards… Jeez, the more I write here the more I regret getting our Internet hooked up!

I guess what this means is that I will need to make sure that we continue to do things together as a family and don’t let ourselves get completely distracted by multi-media overload!

Sad State of My Digital Presence

Holy crap! What a sad and pitiful blog this is to look upon… It has been months since I have composed any music or composed a draft for this blog. My domestic situation had become so dysfunctional that I just couldn’t make the time or be inspired to create – ANYTHING!

That is sad and I want it to change. That is the beginning of it I suppose? It’s better than nothing, maybe?

Just know that I am slowly but surely regaining control over my own life and I hope it will result in making music and re-establishing my digital presence.



WordPress has disabled some of my video and quite possibly some audio too, due to some changes in the last year that I have failed to investigate. Please forgive the author and if you are truly interested in the video or audio; Please go Google it.


See, it’s like this: Life has a way of sneaking up on you and throwing a crisis in your face sometimes. Well, at least for me it has. Unfortunately for my music I have been extremely distracted by circumstances that are within and beyond my control all at once.

For several months now my music making has been under siege by the rest of my life. I am in limbo and my music therefore is too. In time I am sure to get back on my musical horse but for now – To anyone who has managed to find this blog and have found themselves disappointed by the lack of new content: I apologize.

I will not pour out my crisis here because this is not the place. Just know I will return in force and regularity eventually! Thank you for your patience.

I Am Going to Bandcamp

I have finally made a trip over to “Bandcamp” and I have to say that I am excited by what I saw. The timing could not be better as I have recently discovered that the last 2.5 years has been a learning experience (and not the establishment of my web presence as I had planned).

So I have found “Bandcamp” at a crucial stage in defining who and what ultrameek is. I am holding off on registering with “Bandcamp” until I have got a real LP or EP ready to go with all art, trademarks, copyright, liner notes, etc. etc. in order and actually complete!

You should check it out if you haven’t already, via the links above (just click on the wordBandcampanywhere in this post). I can’t wait to get my page up!

Two Brewing, Nothing in the Cup (yet).

"A Mystical Bond Between Man And Machine"

"A Mystical Bond Between Man And Machine"

Well the previous post mentioned a tune in the works… Well, that has turned out to be two tunes in the works. Both are established with starts to ends but each tune is missing something. Surprisingly it is two different things for each. I would have thought they would both be missing some similar trait that would make them “Finished”.

One is in need of a solid bass line (still!) and needs to be structured in a DJ “friendly” format. The other is a underscore piece that has meandered (as my tunes often do!) and it needs to be reigned in and structured.

Neither one is what I have in my mind as the quintessential representation of what ultrameek is to be about! That sound is still resting, waiting to be found. I am going to find it soon…