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m e e k RADIO blend No.2

Hiya folks – below is a link to my latest little adventure using Logic to mix sets. This one is a Hip Hop / Trip Hop collection. Enjoy.

**WARNING – Explicit lyrics abound**


Again: Beat match junkies beware – This is a “Blend” of songs and NOT a traditional DJ Set using DJ gear / rig. I used Logic Pro to simply lay the audio out and create fades and effects modestly. This is a single audio file that can be downloaded as a Quicktime file if you like. If you do download it – all I ask is DJ credit and a link to this blog when possible. Thanks!


RE-POST of a 9 / 2008 set mix

I decided to re-post a mix set I did using Logic – not the best way to do that sort of thing – SO, the mix is more of a DJ radio set that’s blended together rather than strictly “Beat Matched“. I found it to be a nice collection of electronic tunes spanning all types of sub-genre’s… And maybe you will like it too?


As I mentioned – it is NOT strictly beat matched but merely a set of mixed / blended electronic tunes that I happen to fancy. No expectations but highest hopes that some of you will enjoy it.

If you click the link above or the image link below, you will be taken to a single page with the audio file on it. You are WELCOME to Download it to a QuickTime file by left clicking on it and selecting the proper choice from the menu. Please feel free to share it – and also feel free to leave comments no matter the subject – critical and honest is all I ask – good or bad.


Thank you for taking the time to listen and show interest in the audio creations I indulge in. I hope you find at least a small portion of the pleasure from them that I do. Cheers and always; No Worries!