Video Score Lab

On this page you will find audio / video experiments that I have toyed around with. No Oscar material to be found here! Just what I like to consider home schooled film score lab-work. These may come few and far between due to the strain on my modest hardware configuration. But I find them fun to do so that is insurance that I will continue to dabble.

The video below is my first experiment with adding my own music to video myself. This was merely a test run with minor visual transition effects, minor editing out of screen text and the slightest of manipulation to attempt to match events with changes in the music.

Original Music and Illustrations

The video below is actually a slide show of original illustrations and paintings accompanied by original music too. (It also contains a handful of newspaper photographs used to help break up some of the illustrations and paintings.) The music was composed in late 2008 and the original art is compiled from work done between 2000 to 2006.

All music and illustrations and paintings property of ultrameek and J. Milton Gintz
  • “I’ve Got Lots” (4:21) by  U L T R A M E E K
  1. I love this. You art has always been great and you heart comes out in your music.

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