New Mazzy Star = Brilliant & Beautiful

Just got around to listening to some of the new Mazzy Star tunes from October 2011’s release. Very pleased and thought I would share here. Hope you enjoy it.

Webless Life Was Bliss

So here I am re-connected to the Internet… Not sure I like it much yet but maybe it will grow on me (like a malevolent virus)?

Seriously though, my daughters and I have been back out in the world living on our own for some six plus months now… & I finally bit the bullet and had our Internet set up. I was amazed that we made it for so long without it – I expected the girls to complain and whine regularly about not having it… To my pleasant surprise they did not complain once that I can remember.

In fact; we really became closer as our little 3 person single parent family… & I feel the distance between us growing just a wee bit now that we can each get on a computer, XBOX, Blu-ray (Netflix), etc etc and entertain ourselves.

Before the web came back into our lives we would sit together and watch a movie or show on DVD… Or we would play a board game or cards… Jeez, the more I write here the more I regret getting our Internet hooked up!

I guess what this means is that I will need to make sure that we continue to do things together as a family and don’t let ourselves get completely distracted by multi-media overload!

Sad State of My Digital Presence

Holy crap! What a sad and pitiful blog this is to look upon… It has been months since I have composed any music or composed a draft for this blog. My domestic situation had become so dysfunctional that I just couldn’t make the time or be inspired to create – ANYTHING!

That is sad and I want it to change. That is the beginning of it I suppose? It’s better than nothing, maybe?

Just know that I am slowly but surely regaining control over my own life and I hope it will result in making music and re-establishing my digital presence.